Why Content Marketing Packaging Is Just As Important As the Content Itself

A typical content marketer might spend weeks or even months developing, writing, designing and perfecting a content piece. And then it’s time for what I call the content packaging: the landing page, the email, the social media post, the promo video, the creative for the digital ads.

Oftentimes, content marketers underestimate the importance of and effort needed to create effective packaging. This leads to a skewed allocation of resources, in which most of the resources, say 90%, go to creating the content piece, and only about 10% are left for the packaging.

I’ve made this mistake myself in the past. Scrambling to get the landing page and promotion email out there the night before the content piece is scheduled to go live. The result? Weeks of work on a solid content piece go to waste because so few people end up reading it.

The frustrating truth is that most of the marketing metrics, like content downloads, email opens and ad click-throughs, have nothing to do with the piece of content you created. They are determined exclusively by the packaging.

The reality is, a great content campaign consists of two equally important parts: the content piece and the packaging (i.e., the distribution plan). Truly understanding this will lead you to spend an equal amount of resources on each. Yes, that means leaving 50% of the time and brainpower planned for preparing the campaign to work on the packaging.

An email subscriber list is an essential asset to any company that does business online. Whether you’ve built your email list through paid acquisition or list-building techniques on your site, that list is very likely a core element of your digital marketing strategy. But what if your list experiences high bounce rates? When your emails can’t get through to customers, they’re a waste of time and money — both of which are not abundant these days. If your email campaigns aren’t quite what they used to be, you may have a large number of old, fake or abandoned email addresses on your list.

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