Content Marketing and Word of Mouth

In today’s digital age, it’s hard to generate word of mouth without digital tools. In this article, we will explain what content marketing is and how to deliver effective messages through the art of storytelling.

Reputation Management

To hold a spot on page one, Google needs to notice you, and in a good way. This segment will talk about how to look into your online reputation, repair any negative press, and maintain a positive and active web presence.


How do I crack Google’s algorithms and boost my ranking on SERPs? The answer is, no one knows the algorithms, but our SEO specialists learned a thing or two over the years and have helpful tips to fine-tune keywords and boost businesses to page one.

Power of Video

Consumers’ attention spans are at an all-time low and the way marketers deliver messages must be strategic and meaningful. With video, you can create a visually stimulating message that will attract consumer engagement far better than text or images. During this webinar, we will teach you how to produce a quality video.

Online Reviews

With online reviews replacing true word of mouth, knowing how to respond to anonymity is crucial for maintaining a great reputation. We know reviews can make or break the success of a business and we’ve heard plenty of horror stories. We’re here to help you separate authentic from fake posts, how to respond to negative comments and trolls, and how to use reviews to your benefit. All of these tips will help you maintain a great reputation. We will also address the manipulation and explosion in the use of fake positive and negative reviews and how to combat the fraud with authentic video reviews and associated technology.


There are two types of reputation: Internal and External. Internal is the way your employees view your business and external is how clients perceive your products and services. Not only can you showcase great video reviews from clients to boost your reputation, but you can also use employee video reviews to market your business and recruit new talent. How cool is that?


We will discuss how our company uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and voice recognition and why this technology will benefit your content. People value user experience today and so searchability and ease are key differentiators in content.

Video Reviews Process

Video review

REAL AND AUTHENTIC – What better way to communicate to potential customers and generate new business than with engaging and authentic video reviews of your customers.


Our experienced producers will do all the heavy lifting for your business by scheduling your clients and securing locations while coordinating with your availability.


At your desired location, our video crew and producer will be on-site filming interviews of your clients and asking powerful questions that will positively impact your business


Our seasoned editors will edit and segment each video review so your business may showcase and promote each one

Our seasoned editors will edit and segment each video review so your business may showcase and promote each one.


We create a custom video player for your business and showcase the video reviews on your website.  Completely searchable and easy to use for your visitors to watch.