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ReviewTube TV is a TV network that highlights businesses and organizations making a positive impact. Our mission is to foster community among business owners and provide relevant content. We offer professional-grade information on our dedicated TV network.

ReviewTube TV Interview

Alton Baird Interview With Warren Clark, CEO of Upstate NY BBB, on Training Portals and Remote Engagement

Alton Baird, host of ReviewTube TV Interviews Warren Clark of Upstate NY Better Business Bureau where they discuss the joint production of a cutting-edge remote training & engagement portal to help build and recruit the right salespeople to grow the BBB. The BBB courses focus on sustainable growth and building positive habits through training management. Our Learning Management System and Platform provide all the materials needed for any business to be successful.

Cutting Edge Training Portal Created for the Better Business Bureau

Upstate New York BBB Training Portal
Training Portal Capabilities


We’ve assembled infrastructure industry veterans into an Infrastructure Advisory Group. These subject matter experts have achieved unparalleled status as leaders in their fields, having dedicated over 100,000 hours collectively. They can advise on any infrastructure category to solve our country’s pressing challenges.


Denny Strigl Interview, Verizon CEO

Digital Marketing In the New Normal

Dr Keith Kyler at the Louisiana Dental Conference in New Orleans

Ken Morris, Great Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass


Helped engineer the acquisition and integration of 2 companies affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. PLATYPUS – A content production company focused on delivering programming content and sales for the BBBS across North America and YPC Media, a media company focused on sales and marketing for BBBs across the country. Engineered the acquisition and then the incorporation of both of these entities and their teams into CGI Digital|Reviewtube.

Oversaw the relationships with the new companies, Better Business Bureaus, and CGI Digital.

Authored the business plan for the sister company ReviewTube (Link to ReviewTube Business Plan here) and the execution of the new division. ReviewTube was created to help people make life’s important decisions by providing them an easy way to discover the truth about companies and organizations online utilizing a combination of video production, AI & Voice Search technology to create an interactive question-and-answer platform that can distill hours of video into useful, sensible insight. Al personalized to whoever is asking the questions.

ReviewTube Business Plan
Infrastructure Business Plan
C & J Business Plan


Alton Baird Keynote Speaker on Business Empowerment The ReviewTube Story and Maximizing Reputation in the Digital Age

National HR Consultant and Recruiter, Jeff Batts

Brian Catania the CEO of Atlanta BBB

Steve Bernas the CEO of the Chicago BBB

Angela Isabell Taylor – Deputy General Counsel at the Better Business Bureau


Alton Baird Interview Marvin Carolina, Jr., CEO of Kansas City BBB, on his Build to Win Empowerment Initiative

Charter Schools Conference Austin, TX 2018

Charter Schools: The State of Online Reviews

Strategies to Positively Impact Reputation



  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Web Development

  • Technology Innovations

  • Reviews & Reputation

  • Video Marketing

  • Email Campaigns

  • Remote Storefronts

Founder & President | Dynamic Wellness                                              

Alton BairdFounder of Dynamic Wellness a Corporate Health and Wellness company focused on creating, marketing & implementing successful Worksite Wellness and Human Resource based programs on Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, and Disease prevention as well as Employee Empowerment, Engagement, and other topic areas. Offers online and on-site wellness solutions including online Dynamic Wellness Challenge, video-based health initiatives, Lunch ‘n’ Learn presentations, fitness workshops, and many other programs. Experience incorporating technology-driven programs such as streaming video, e-Learning, web applications, etc. as well as delivering motivational on-site and web-based presentations. Nationally recognized speaker on health and wellness and HR issues. 

Experience in managing teams and in relationship-based selling and interacting with a wide variety of management and employees. 

  • Pioneered Corporate Wellness Challenges in 2001 with McDonald’s as the initial corporate client.
  • Co-developed a mobile platform with Xerox; focused on a Challenge based approach to corporate learning and cognitive behavior change.
  • Appeared on Lifetime Television’s “Access Health” as a featured personality
  • Created and produced the first video wellness program ever at Chase Bank. Primarily streamed by CGI.
  • Dynamic Wellness delivers corporate wellness programs to large and small companies. Our clients have included McDonald’s, Chase Bank, Discover Card, Baxter Health, Deloitte, Allstate, Xerox, and numerous smaller clients. 

Dynamic Wellness Website

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